Mom’s Peach Cobbler

Mom’s Peach Cobbler
I think my favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake.

I love making sweets and coming up with new ideas for my classic kitchen recipes. For example, I love baking sweet treats like brownies but changing them up to include other toppings like sprinkles, marshmallows, or a variety of nuts sprinkled over a layer of caramel. Whatever my husband asks me to make for dessert, I like to find a way to switch it up.

Now, something else I also love to do is eat typical fall desserts in the summer and typical summer desserts in the winter. I guess the weather really has nothing to do with it because living in Miami, we have perpetual summer around here. There is no changing it and it likely will not get cold for over a couple of days, so I like to enjoy the same foods year ‘round.

One of my favorites is making a peach cobbler. Well, let’s be honest, I love ALL cobblers. There is just something so so delicious about that crispy topping over a classic fruit layer or chocolate. Whatever the case may be down there, I love what is on top (I tend to pick that part out first, shhh!).

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