Mounds Candy Bar Brownies

My friend Holly at Spend With Pennies made these crazy looking brownies and I knew I needed to try them. Go check out her blog-you’ll love it!!!! Fabulous food and greats deals, too!!!
These Mounds Brownies taste just like the candy bar. Start with a boxed brownie mix and end with a can of frosting, but the middle is totally homemade. Somebody messed up. Really. What kind of marketing team sits back and takes a look at a Mounds Bar and an Almond Joy and calls the one with a mound on top of it Almond Joy? THERE’S A MOUND ON TOP OF THE ALMOND JOY!!!
You must line your pan with aluminum foil before beginning or you’ll have a huge mess to deal with. Between the fudgy brownies and the gooey, drippy, sweetened condensed milk, you’d have to chisel them out of the pan. Line with foil so you can simply lift the whole slab out, and cleanup is a breeze. I don’t trust parchment for recipes like this because you can’t make tight corner seals like you can with foil.

You can make brownies from scratch or just use a boxed mix to speed this up! Either way, they are delicious and they do freeze beautifully! If you have extra topping left over, it keeps well in the fridge and can be reheated on 50% power in the microwave.

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