My Mom Won Miss Coleslaw USA At The County Fair With This Recipe

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I am smitten as a kitten playing with a yarn ball over this classic coleslaw recipe.

Last summer at the county fair my mother entered a coleslaw contest. The winner would either be deemed Mr. or Miss Coleslaw USA. Well, my mama made the following recipe and she won that contest like a champ. The judges actually finished their portions of the coleslaw instead of just taking one bite. My mom was in her glory. Hey, I am not surprised that she won this contest. Her classic coleslaw is a hit.

One thing you need to know about this classic coleslaw recipe is that it is very easy to make. Anyone can master making this yummy side dish.

Are you super stoked to get this wonderful recipe in your possession? Great! I’ll end your waiting by guiding you over to the next page (just click the link below). Once there, you’ll have all the details on how to make this amazing dish. Happy baking!


Quick Tip: Feel free to shred your own cabbage or purchase a bag of slaw mix from the grocery store.



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