Oh my gosh, now here is a gorgeous, delicious vegetable side dish that I absolutely adore. This is one of my mom’s recipes, and I think could eat an entire plate of this buttery corn for dinner. She whipped it up for us this weekend and I knew I had to share it with you guys. What makes this corn so special is that it’s got the best of both worlds. It has that wonderful creamy quality of creamed corn, but the corn itself is still crisp and fresh like it’s straight off the cob. Perfection.

I got right tickled with myself as I was cutting the kernels off the cob when I noticed that I was splattering “corn milk” all over the place. As I looked up I realized my glasses were covered in it along with my tea glass that was sitting on the counter. I had instant flash backs of Nannie Polly in the same perdicimate I was in. When the corn would come in she would set in to freezing it, filling her wash tubs full of cut kernels and corn milk. Her glasses (which were a pretty large pair) would be so covered in that corn milk that you could barely see her eyes and the kitchen window over the sink would be spotted from it as well since she always cut the corn at the kitchen sink. How she saw to use the knife through those glasses I’ll never know because she didn’t stop to clean them off, she just kept going. I finally took mine off to finish cutting my corn, but my husband noticed the spots on my glasses as we were eating and I had to laugh at myself again because I thought I had cleaned them off.

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