Nanny’s Date Squares

There is a method to my madness in this space, and it’s this; Life in Pleasantville is and always will be a record of my time here for my daughters. Yes, I write with you in mind, but ultimately this is where I hope my children will come to find that favourite recipe I used to make them, or find one of my Mom’s best recipes or to look up a vacation memory. I hope that one day they’ll add to this online journal for their own children. Pretty deep for sharing my mom’s Best Date Squares recipe, isn’t it? But food has that power over us doesn’t it? To evoke strong emotions and bring back a flood of memories.

My nanny was a fabulous cook. I remember most of her cooking quite fondly, especially her date squares. When I was in elementary school, each afternoon I would walk to Nanny’s house, and she would be waiting with lunch ready for me. We would chat, and watch Batman and Fun House, and then she would waive me off, and sing, “Off you go, into the wild blue yonder!” as I walked back up the hill to school. I haven’t eaten a date square since she died.

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