New Bill Would Hit Parents With $1,000 Fine For Smoking With Children In Car

This new bill would punish parents for smoking in the car while their children are inside.

In the field of economics, there is a concept referred to as externalities. In a nutshell, externalities refer to any action that has an unintentional impact on others in a way that wasn’t factored into the products initial cost.

Sometimes, these unintended consequences can end up positive; When a bee keeper’s bees pollinate a nearby farmer’s crops. Much more commonly though, externalizes end up being negative, such as when a factory rids itself of waste by dumping into a nearby river. Externalities are not limited to economics though, and our day to day lives can lead to these unintended consequences as well. A prime example of one of these externalities is smoking.

It was thought for years that second-hand smoke offered little in the way of negatives to those around the smoker. Since then, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that roughly 2.5 million people have died as a result of second-hand smoke inhalation since 1964 in the United States alone!

Lung cancer is typically the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of tobacco-related sicknesses. Though it is a prime example of a negative side-effect of smoking, second-hand smoke causes a whole slew of other negative illnesses and consequences, and this is especially so when it comes to our children.

Second-hand smoke can lead to wheezing, coughing, and even asthma attacks! It can also cause infections of the inner ear and also increase the frequency of sickness in children.

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