No Peek Chicken

No-Peek Chicken and Rice – super easy dinner recipe! Chicken breasts, rice, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth, onion soup mix. Mix everything in the baking dish and pop in the oven. SO easy and everyone cleaned their plate! Even our picky eaters!! #chicken

I used onion soup mix and cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup. If you aren’t a fan of cream of mushroom, you can substitute your favorite cream of soup – another can of cream of chicken chicken or a can of cream celery would work great!

I used regular uncooked rice in this No-Peek Chicken and Rice. I know some of you like to use brown rice. I haven’t made this with brown rice. I am sure you can use brown rice, but you will need to tweak the baking time. Brown rice takes longer to cook than regular white rice.

Hey you, no peeking! There’s a reason why we call this chicken casserole “Don’t Peek” Chicken! It’s ’cause the secret to this recipe, unlike other chicken dishes, is keeping the foil on tight; the foil ensures that all those yummy, classic chicken dinner flavors spread throughout the dish. So, resist the urge to glance in! You’ll be thanking us later, for one of the best chicken recipes you’ve ever had!

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