Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake

Is there anything more summery than an orange creamsicle?? What originated as a creamy, dreamy vanilla and orange popsicle has turned into a cult favorite flavor combo that we are thrilled to be playing around with, resulting in this delectable, warm weather treat. And not only that, but since we decided to make this version of our creamsicle cake a poke cake, the finished result is just as great to look at as it is to eat! Look at all those cute orange swirls – it’s like an orange tie-dye cake! Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with poke cakes, don’t worry, it’s easy.

The way poke poke cakes work is you take a warm cake and use a fork (or the top of a wooden spoon) to poke holes in the cake. Jello or pudding are popular filling options, so once you whip that up – we used orange jello – you pour that directly into the holes in the cake, letting the colored liquid mixture stain and flavor the inside of the cake. If you’re wondering about whether jello sets into its gelatinous form when used here, don’t worry, it doesn’t; it just adds flavor and its bright, beautiful color.

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