Oven Smoked Brisket

True, there is no way that I have found to get an exact duplicate of a slow smoked brisket without smoke… A lot of it… Over long periods of time. And an oven smoked brisket will never be exactly like its smoked counterparts. You can however, come very close in terms of flavor and have an almost identical texture, all without owning a smoker of your own. This is Faux-B-Que at its best, and it has passed the test in a home full of regular eaters of real pit smoked meats. If it gets their seal of approval, it will pass muster for your guests as well.

I am bringing you another recipe that I actually cooked for my brother-in-law’s Super Bowl party. It is my oven-“smoked” brisket, and it turned out wonderful! I didn’t want to smoke this brisket outside, so I did a little trick my Dad taught me several years ago! I seasoned the uncooked brisket with a wet/dry rub, and let it marinate for several hours prior to baking in my oven. As I said, it turned out great, and now I will share with you what I did. Let’s get started.



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