Paint Upholstery With Jacquard Fabric Paint

Paint Upholstery With Jacquard Fabric Paint

paint upholstery with jacquard fabric paint

I found the perfect office chair but the upholstery was dated and stained. Jacquard fabric paint to the rescue! Time to paint upholstery.



Let me say that I loved the farmhouse hoop back chair that I was using at my desk. I loved the look. I loved the size. I just didn’t love the way my back felt after sitting on the hard wooden chair for an extended period of time.

Enter my new chair. Isn’t it beautiful.



No! Not at all!



I picked it up from the thrift store for $8. It must have been a dinning room chair or a restaurant chair of kind. It has that look.



But it’s pretty right?



Again, no.

I mean just look at the stains on the upholstery.

Other than the stains the upholstery is in good condition. So in my world of rescue it don’t replace it, I decided to give it a paint job.



Let’s Paint Upholstery

I had previously used the Jacquard Lumiere paint when I painted an old purse with it to give the bag some upstyle. I was really impressed with the coverage and I knew at some point I would be painting upholstery using this paint.

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