For some reason, every time I think of this recipe I start singing Tag Team’s Whoomp! There it is!
Probably because this lyrical masterpiece was released the year I graduated high school and
even now, over twenty years later [gulp], I can still recite every line word for word.
Oh, I can’t tell you how to multiply fractions or who wrote Tess of the d’Urbervilles but I could
straight-up stand on your coffee table and sing every word of this song. And the misters DC and
Steve Roll’N must say ‘party’ at least 47 times in the song. So every time I hear the word ‘party’ I
automatically start singing there’s a party over here, there’s a party over there… wave your
hands in the air, share your derriere!
Ahhhh…. the nineties.
This is one of my go-to recipes for entertaining ‘cause Ima old fool who’s so cool… [sorry, I really
can’t help it] because it literally takes minutes to cook and I can whip out a batch of them just as
guests are walking in the door.
I usually double or triple the recipe if we’re having a big crowd. These are great hot or room
temperature so don’t worry about keeping them warm. If I double or triple the recipe I usually
arrange them on a platter around a little dish of cocktail sauce or, if I’m just making a single
batch, I pile them in bowl. You can leave the tails on for easy handling or serve with a little
bundle of toothpicks.
Oh, also, the leftovers are amazing with pasta the next day! Enjoy!

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