Full disclosure: I’d never cooked a Paula Deen recipe before this one. I’ve always been turned off by all the butter she uses with abandon. (And that’s not even getting into her personal failings and the racism she espoused.) But since so many of our readers and other food-lovers in our space seemed to love this particular Paula recipe — it’s highly-rated, pinned, and searched — I was up for giving it a try. If, for anything else, to tell you if it was worth your time and effort as well. I love her casual approach to simple easy home cooking. The problem is that, though tasty, most of her recipes are far from light or healthy. This is the meatloaf recipe I make most often these days. It comes from her original The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook (affiliate link). I love that it uses oats instead of bread crumbs and has a sweet ketchup based topping.

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