Pineapple Lemonade

Pineapple Lemonade is an easy and delicious drink for spring and summer. A fun twist on classic summer lemonade for all of your parties, baby showers and fun get togethers. The perfect party punch for kids and adults!

I have been making this pineapple lemonade for years and it’s always a hit. So simple and perfect for last minute gatherings.

We are officially kicking of summer this week. No more school! We survived seventh grade! Wahoo. I know it’s earlier than most but we start back to school the first week of August and I’m never ready for that.

Now it’s time for cookouts and swimming pool time. We had our first cookout of the season on Friday. It was our typical impromptu get together but so much fun.

Pineapple juice (large 46oz can)
Sprite 2-3 cans
Cold Water 3-4 Cups
Countrytime Lemonade mix (appx 1 Cup)
Fresh lemons and pineapple (optional)

Add your water to a large pitcher (if you like it sweeter recommend doing 3 cups, I prefer to do about 4 cups in mine so its not quite as sweet)
Mix in your lemonade mix
Add in your pineapple juice ( I prefer to use only about 3/4 of the can unless you want a stronger pineapple taste)
Add in 2-3 cans of sprite (desired taste)
Add some Ice, chopped lemons and pineapples
Enjoy ❤