Pink Flamingo Cake

If the name didn’t hook you, the hot pink, amazing-tasting cake itself will. But really, pink flamingo cake, how could anyone resist it?? This candy-colored confection is a fun, fruity feast that looks great and tastes even better! It gets majority of its flavor and color from cherries, both maraschino cherries and cherry jello, but it also has a touch of pineapple in the frosting to round out the overall flavor and bring a little more brightness to the dish. Just thinking about it we need another slice right now!

While we find this cake to be perfection at just about any gathering, kids in particular go NUTS for it. Everyone loves cutting into the cake, thinking it will be your average vanilla or chocolate, and finding a shockingly bright interior, but kids totally flip for it, and their excited faces – before they’ve even tried it! – are just one of the many reasons we keep making it. Speaking of kids, this is a nice, simple recipe that anyone can tackle, so if you’ve got little ones who want to help you out in the kitchen, this is an awesome choice; they’ll be so proud they helped make this fun dessert!
Regardless of who helps you or what get-together you’re making this for, you really can’t go wrong with this cake. It’s a recipe that always brightens people’s faces and takes any gathering to the next level, and with how good it is, we totally understand why! Flamingo cake is one of our summer go-tos, especially now that people request it so much, and we’re not mad about it – it’s great when people love a dish as much as you do!

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