Pioneer Pecan Pie (No Corn Syrup!)

Pecan pie is one of our go-to pie recipes around the holidays and we’ve tinkered around over the years with all the recipes we can come up with. We’ve tried pecan pies with chocolate components, maple syrup, molasses, brown sugar, white sugar and corn syrup, so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to sample and decide the ones we like best. Which brings us to this pioneer pecan pie. Now, aside from being a catchy name in general, that’s also what we’ve dubbed our no-corn-syrup pecan pie. Why corn syrup became so popular in pecan pies is beyond us – you don’t need it!

With brown sugar, white sugar, butter and eggs, this has the amazingly crisp and crunchy top layer and the ooey-gooey bottom layer we love so much about pecan pies. It’s got a round depth of flavor that we adore, and you can have at least two slices of it without it being cloying (thanks, salt!)…we might retire all our other pecan pie recipes – this one is just so good! Plus, this is an easy recipe to throw together that anyone can tackle, so don’t be intimidated; your pioneer pecan pie is about to be a crowd favorite!

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