Pioneer Womans Apple Dumplings

My mom visited a month ago, and just before she left I called her and said, “Mom?” The End.

No, that wasn’t really the end. I just like to do that sometimes. I said, “Mom? Will you please bring your recipes?” Then I batted my eyelashes and waited for her answer.

These Apple Dumplings are like individual apple pies and they are very easy to make. Best when hot out of the oven with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream!

I have tried many recipes for Apple Dumplings, and this is definitely my favorite! The combination of the flaky crescent rolls, fresh apples, and the syrupy glaze combine for warm, comfort-filled, satisfaction in every bite. I like using regular white sugar as opposed to brown sugar. The texture and taste are lighter and more like an apple pie. The added bonus to this recipe is just how easy it is to throw together.

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