Porcupine Meatballs

You form the mixture into about 20 small balls, about an inch and a half across, and place them in the bottom of a skillet…
Then, you mix together the remaining tomato sauce, Worcestershire, and a little bit of water and pour it into the skillet…
And then you let those meatballs simmer.
As they cook, the grains of rice emerge from the meatballs as cute little quills and the sauce surrounds the tender meatballs and immerses them in just enough extra flavor.
You gingerly, gently turn the meatballs over and let the other side simmer in the sauce so that they’re coated all over, and then you serve them over mashed potatoes, or more rice, or even just as they are.
Whimsical name aside, they’re really tender and succulent and imbued with a satisfying herby flavor and a sweet tomato base. They’re more than good enough without the gimmick, but we’re awfully fond of that part too.

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