Use what you have in your pantry to make our Easy Preacher’s Cake! With pineapple and coconut flavors, this preacher’s cake is sure to please any sweet tooth. Who doesn’t love a great cake?  However, some cakes can be complicated and fussy to make… but not this one!  This preacher cake uses staple ingredients, requires NO mixer, and is way less time consuming than most cakes.  Try it and see! The Preacher Cake got its name because if the Preacher called and invited himself over for dinner, the ingredients needed for this cake were easily found in your pantry. Crisis averted! The title of this cake caught my eye as I scrolled through my recipes, searching for a wonderful cake to make for a large group coming for dinner.

I was making two slow cooker entrees, so I decided that I could turn the oven on for an hour and not heat up my kitchen too much. My Dad loved to make this cake for company, potlucks, and for just general eating. He always said it was easy to remember because it took 2 of everything.

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