Retired Teacher Writes Letter To Parents And Thousands Of People Are Saying It Is Exactly What Needed To Be Said

It doesn’t matter if you have a child in school or not, you likely have an opinion about the entire school system. For some people, it is the best choice because it gives their children an opportunity in life that they would not otherwise have. For others, they tend to look at the entire school system with a lot of skepticism. They may even dislike a lot of what they see going on behind closed doors, and sometimes they may be quite right. In any case, they have a right to have an opinion because their children are at stake.

Something that many people are aware of is the fact that the American educational system is lacking. At one time, it was considered to be the best in the world but now, it is falling behind many other nations in a wide variety of categories. Not only can parents see it, the teachers can certainly see what is going on. That is what prompted one teacher to write a letter to their local newspaper and give her opinion. What she ended up saying is causing many people to applaud her words and to agree wholeheartedly.

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