Reuben Bake

“Corned beef, Swiss cheese, kraut and thousand island dressing baked between crescent rolls. Easy and tasty. Kids will love these.”

Reuben Bake Simple, easy and tasty! I made this for dinner but you can serve it as a snack too! Or even breakfast. Just give it a shot, you won’t regret it. I love using crescent rolls in my recipes, I get so creative! Like in this reuben bake that I made yesterday, my kids went crazy over it! Check it out.

It really doesn’t get much easier than this. No chopping, sauteing, or boiling. Essentially, I made a great big, delicious sandwich in a casserole dish. A couple of weeks ago we had family visiting for the weekend, so I made this apple and cream cheese dessert from My New 30. The yummy cream cheese and apple filling were sandwiched between two layers of refrigerated crescent rolls. It was so yummy and so easy to throw together that I started thinking, “What else might I do with crescent rolls?” I know that there are quite a few applications, both sweet and savory. I first hit up the Pillsbury site for inspiration. Lots of recipes there! I finally settled on this Reuben Bake, another winner from Taste of Home. Don’t look at the calories, though.

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