School Lunch Peanut Butter Bars

Try this School lunch peanut butter bars recipe, or contribute your own. So, I know that most people haven’t been completely obsessed with food their entire lives like I have been…but do you remember eating peanut butter bars in elementary school? I totally do. They served them as dessert with school lunches. I remember thinking that one bar was just not enough, and searching for ways to get more. I don’t know about you, but at my elementary school they served AMAZING desserts. Sometimes I find myself craving the lunch ladies’ chocolate cake or homemade cinnamon rolls. Nowadays, I don’t think that they even serve dessert in elementary school! Poor kids don’t know what they are missing. I don’t know about you but I have few memories of grade school lunches, but this peanut butter bars are one of them. When I saw this recipe memories of peanut buttery, layered, chocolaty goodness came flooding back. I loved this dessert at school. I have seen multiple people comment that this was something they had at school too. So I am not the only one out there. This recipe hits the original on the mark. I guarantee you will love it if you had the original as a kid. I wonder if they still have this in schools nowadays?

My mother takes three of my nephews to school each morning and some interesting tales have risen up over the past few years from those fifteen minute car rides with three young boys. It’s amazing how much can occur in such a short span and how easy it is to see into a kid’s world based on what they talk about at the start of their day.

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