Sheet Pan Blueberry Pancakes

You know those days when you really want to put effort into the breakfast you’re making, but then you think about the amount of time you’d have to spend over the stove or the quantity of dishes you’d have to wash at the end of it all? We get to that point where, even though we love the breakfast we’re thinking of making, but just can’t be bothered with all the extra work involved. That’s why this recipe is so awesome. While pancakes are totally delicious and perfect for Saturday and Sunday mornings, having to wait and individually cook each one is a total buzzkill. Enter: sheet pan blueberry pancakes.
If you thought your sheet pan was just for baking cakes, think again! And while you’re at it, forget standing in front of the stove flipping flapjacks…make them like this instead. Make up one big batter, folding in any additional ingredients you like – we chose blueberries, but you could just as easily use chocolate chips, bananas or raspberries – then bake your pancakes in one big batch instead of on the stovetop. The result is light, fluffy goodness that will feed a whole crowd in one go. It’s a miracle!! Seriously, using your sheet pan means you end up with a huuuge batch of pancakes, and in under 15 minutes!
Last minute get-together with family? This is the recipe that will save the day and your sanity. Pop these in the oven, set a timer and then go off and enjoy breakfast (or brunch or dinner, really) with your family and friends – you’ve earned it.


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