Sheet Pan Hashbrowns

I can cook a great many things very well but for whatever reason, I cannot seem to cook hashbrowns on the stovetop successfully. I never get them evenly brown and worse yet I sometimes (okay, nearly always) end up burning them. It is now a running joke in my family. Imagine my relief when I discovered a foolproof way to cook evenly golden, crispy delicious hashbrowns – in the oven! You just need a sheet pan, your usual bag of frozen shredded potatoes (though you could certainly shred your own), and a few extra goodies to go along with it. (Spoiler alert: there’s cheese involved.)

I love hashbrowns so it’s a little bit of a tragedy that I’m so inept at cooking them. Still, I never gave up. I never really succeeded either… but I found a new method that works incredibly well and here we are. It all worked out in the end. Here’s how you do it:

Get a bowl. Add your bag of hashbrowns, along with some garlic powder, salt and pepper, and olive oil. Also add a beaten egg and some cheddar cheese (more on that in a second) and toss to combine.

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