Skinny Egg Roll Stir-Fry- Have you ever tried it? it’s DELICIOUS

All the flavor of an egg roll without the wrapper! Like an unstuffed egg roll in a bowl.
So… you may have noticed I’m cooking a lot of recipes these days that are low carb and gluten free. Well, lemme tell you, there’s a reason. The minute I turned forty last year the pounds started packing on.
I’m a big gal. And that’s fine. I came to terms with the fact I ain’t ever going to be a size two 15 years ago. But even us big girls have a range we like to stay in. And I stepped way out of that range this past year so I’m trying to get back in it again.
And you know what’s working for me? I’m trying to just eat meat and vegetables. I have dairy too and some nuts here and there if I get snacky but for the most part, it’s just meat and vegetables for me. No flour, sugar, rice, potatoes, pasta or bread.
And it’s working! I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last three weeks and I haven’t been hungry once. I guess it helps that I really, really, honest to God, do love vegetables :o)
On Sundays I cook up whole batches of yummy vegetables and soups & stews like these to eat off of during the week. And you know what? I look forward to meal time!

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