Slow Cooker Cabbage and Kielbasa Recipe

Throw these ingredients in your crockpot before you leave for work and come home to a warm meal that is ready to eat.

Besides cabbage, throw in potatoes and onions to your slow cooker, alongside some beef kielbasa. I’ve made this kielbasa and cabbage slow cooker recipe a few times in the last month and we love adding carrots in it too! The ingredients are incredibly simple, you might already have everything in your kitchen!

This did remind me of grandma, but was better than my memories of her. Bua is the Icelandic equivalent of kielbasa & very close to it in taste. Larger than kielbasa, I cut it in approx 1.5 in chunks, added garlic as a pers pref & otherwise made the recipe as written (altho I admit to tossing in a few red potatoes to comply w/Icelandic law requiring them w/all meals). The crock-pot method makes getting this to the table nearly effortless & you are impatient for it as the aroma is wonderful. The cabbage flavour is excellent using Dijon for the mustard & I could not bear discarding the tasty liquid, so I added about 1/2 cup cream cheese to it & sent it to the table as a light sauce for the potatoes. Thx for sharing this keeper recipe w/us. 🙂

Overall this is a pretty forgiving recipe. Feel free to add more or less of any of the ingredients. Have fun, eat and enjoy!




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