Snickerdoodle Bread Mini Loaves

Like the Snickerdoodle cookie this bread has a crispy cinnamon sugar topping with a sweet, buttery interior. But I’ve added another layer of cinnamony goodness by adding cinnamon to the batter and loading it with luscious cinnamon chips.
One of the breads that I’m selling at the Bake Sale (info below) is a scrumptious new quick bread recipe I created Snickerdoodle Bread. It has the tangy sweetneess of a Snickerdoodle cookie with a moist, bet-you-can’t-eat-just-one-slice, interior.
Updated 4/2013: I’ve tweaked my Snickerdoodle bread recipe a little bit so the loaves rise even better into the classic quick bread dome shape. So now with the addition of one more egg and a bit more flour, your Snickerdoodle bread will look even more irresistible.

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