sour cream 7up and butter

These delicious buns can be cooked with just 5 ingredients! Easy isn’t it ?
Alright, friends. I’ve done it now. I don’t know if you guys have heard of 7up biscuits before, but they are so very much better than they sound. Like, majorly better.

In fact, I think these are basically a PERFECT copycat for the KFC biscuit recipe and y’all know that the colonel knows his biscuits. Buttery, fluffy biscuit love. These biscuits are delicious and not as fattening as the recipe might lead you to believe. That stick of butter is allotted through the whole recipe and the biscuits are so tasty that you won’t need any toppings!
If we know anything about biscuits, it’s that everyone has their own preferred recipe and texture. If you fall into the camp of light and fluffy biscuits that are easy to make, read on. 7UP and your favorite biscuit mix can put a treat on the table in no time.

* Ingredients :
° 7 Up Biscuits

° 4 cups Bisquick

° 1 cup sour cream

° 1 cup 7-up

° 1/2 cup melted butter

* Preparation :

Combine bisquick, sour cream & 7 up. Dough will be softly – don’t trouble Knead & fold dough until glden with your baking blend. Pat dough out and cut biscuits employ a round biscuit also cookie cutter. Dissolved butter in bottom of cookie sheet pan . Place biscuits on high of melted butter also baking for 13-16 min .