Nothing says spring/summer like fresh strawberry pie.

A lot of folks claim that apple pie is the all-American dessert but I beg to differ. I’m pretty sure strawberry pie has its place in American history, too. When I was little my mama would take my siblings and me to a local strawberry patch to pick berries. We would spend a good portion of our afternoon in the field harvesting strawberries and having a good time together. I think my sister’s and I ate more berries than we tossed into our boxes. Oh well, they were super tasty!

Once we’d get the berries home mom would get them all washed up and start preparing them for preservation. Mom would make jam, strawberry pie filling, and compote. She would then can them in Mason jars in here huge stockpot on the stove. Good times!

The recipe on the next page uses fresh strawberries and…get this..strawberry daquiri mix! The daquiri mix gives the pie a fun and fresh kick of flavor. You’ll see once you make this pie. Oh, and this recipe is insanely easy to follow so there’s that.

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