Here I am once more to share with you another delicious recipe! This time, it’s a classic American comfort dish: Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf. Because who doesn’t love tasty cheesy recipes? Not much harder to make than plain meatloaf, this dressed-up version is nice enough for company.
If you’re American, chances are you either already have a nice meatloaf recipe you use all the time, or you run to the hills at the slightest mention of “meatloaf” because all you ever had was a dry, bland version of the dish.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m the “queen” of comfort food! 8 out of 10 recipes on this blog belong in the “comfort” category.

Lately, with the cool weather plus all the shenanigans happening in my life, comfort food is pretty much needed all the time. I get home from torture work, get a plate of whatever leftovers I have that day and then head right into my bed to watch Netflix with my husband. Oooh, the married life… How exciting, right?

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