Sugar Cookie Cherry Cheesecake

Enjoy Cheesecake Like You’ve Never Had It Before With This Recipe – Sugar Cookie Cherry Cheesecake

This easy cherry cheesecake recipe is the perfect summer dessert. This recipe uses a sugar cookie crust, a no bake cheesecake

My husband and I had recently moved to a new city so that he could advance in his career. I was terrified. I’m not a huge fan of change. In fact, it scares the daylights out of me. But, we needed to do it. I sat in the house for weeks just wondering what I was going to do in this new area. I didn’t know anyone! I was a stay-at-home mom too, so there weren’t many opportunities for me to meet knew people. Until one day, at the school when I was in the drop-off line, one of the moms came and introduced herself to me.

She actually invited me to a book club meeting that she was going to be having at her house. She told me the name of the book, and that the meeting was going to be in a month. Alright! Finally, something for me to do. I asked her if I should bring anything, and she responded with maybe a dessert would be nice.

I really wanted to impress these ladies. I needed friends! So, I made up this cheesecake. Everyone loved it! It was a great conversation starter as well. I’m much more comfortable in my new town now with my new friends!

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