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One of my son’s favorite breads. You can ice top with a powdered sugar glaze if you wish.

Nothing special just a sweet bread that takes time to make (chop nuts chop cherries etc) even using a food processor.

Great bread. I used less nuts. I used fat free eggs. I used some apple sauce in lieu of butter.

Everyone really loved this cherry pecan bread when I made it! It is very tasty and stays moist. Definetly worth trying!!

This recipe is great. One thing I would suggest is that you cook it in a metal pan and stay away from glass for an even texture all the way through.

This is a great bread recipe. I did have to make one small alteration as i did not have buttermilk on hand. I soured milk by using vinegar and it worked just as good as the buttermilk.

This recipe was good but didn’t think to flour the cut up cherries and they all sank to the bottom. I omitted the pecans because 2 family members don’t like nuts.

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