Sweet Amish Macaroni Salad

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This sweet and tangy, super creamy macaroni salad is sure to be a hit at your next get-together, people will be going back for seconds and thirds! Be prepared to hand out copies of the recipe, family and friends will be asking for it. Hellman’s and Duke’s mayonnaise fans may be asking…MIRACLE WHIP?! Yes…that’s right, Miracle Whip. This salad is on the sweet and tangy side, all of the ingredients come together beautifully. Absolutely the BEST macaroni salad! The mayo mixture in this Sweet Amish Macaroni Salad Recipe is what makes it so delightful — that bit of sweetness! Macaroni salad comes in many forms. There’s limp, macaronis swimming around in a runny sauce. There’s firm macaroni cooked well and mated with crunchy veggies. Some versions are savory, while others are more sweet. A popular Amish macaroni salad version tends toward the more sweet. I like this version, which has the crunch of some chopped veggies but also some sugar to take their edge off. Yum. This recipe was given to me by an Amish woman in Tennessee and is similar to this batch pictured that I picked up yesterday at an Amish bulk food store.

Okay, I am absolutely addicted to this salad. However, I have made some changes to it. First, I prefer bow tie pasta. I think it gives it a little more visual appeal. I also dry the pasta on paper towels after I drain it. This keeps the moisture level down and allows the dressing to coat the pasta better. I use fat free Miracle Whip to keep the fat content down. I use four eggs instead of three. I find the sugar is an important ingredient however, I only use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup. I also use apple cider vinegar. I don’t add the red pepper because my husband doesn’t like them but they do give it a great color. We all love celery so I add extra and I also chop the leaves from the celery stalks and add those. I also like to add in a little garlic salt. It always seems to make a lot of dressing so I mix in just enough to coat the pasta and let it sit over night. I cover and fridge the remaining dressing. Then, if it looks a little dry in the morning, I add more of the dressing. This keeps it from being too liquidy. I have also added in a can of well drained tuna which gives it a great flavor and makes it more of a meal. The dressing also works great as a base for potato salad. YUM!!!

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