Taco Corn bread Casserole

Taco Cornbread Casserole comes together in under one hour for a feast filled with the flavors of zesty Mexican spices, assorted melty cheeses, and fresh lettuce and tomato. This recipe is guaranteed to spice up your weekly meal routine and get the whole family excited about dinner again. Serve this recipe as is with salsa and sour cream to garnish or a pitcher of margaritas to make this dish a real party. A whole can of chiles adds fire to this cornbread casserole. For less heat, you can use just enough of the can for your taste.
The cornbread and beef bake together in one casserole dish, making this entree convenient. This Mexican cornbread casserole is packed with tempting seasonings, and the cheese and onions make an attractive topping.
Earlier this week I tried my hand at making my own HOMEMADE TACO SEASONING. I had played around with a few recipes and finally found a mix of flavors that my family really loved. The whole reason I did that was because I was working on this recipe. I wanted to try my hand at making a gluten-free meal and I had the idea for this cornbread bake in mind. Then I found out that some pre-made taco seasoning has gluten in it. That was a shocker!

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