This Hippity Hoppity Hamburger Cheese And Potato Casserole Don’t Stop!

When it’s dinner time, my family is always “starving.” After a long day at work and school, my husband and kids look forward to sitting down at the dinner table and scarfing on whatever it is I have prepared for them. That’s why I always make sure my meals are wholesome, hearty, and ready to nourish their hungry bellies.

I have made this hamburger potato casserole a time or two and each time my family goes nuts over it. It’s very filling and tastes great! Hamburger potato casserole is easy to throw together and only takes about 20 minutes or to so to prep.

Basically, it’s a wholesome meal that fills everyone’s bellies without keeping you in the kitchen slaving away all day. It also makes wonderful leftovers and reheats well.

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