This Is How Italians Make Their Pot Roast

I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Go Back To My Old Recipe Again!

This Italian pot roast contains a lot of flavors that you will go crazy about. I have to admit that the first time I tasted this during a dinner at my brother’s place, I was speechless. When you take a bite of this pot roast, you would be attacked by several flavors all at the same time. It was an overwhelming experience for me. And then the flavors will instantly mellow into something soothing and almost comforting. You will then start to appreciate the taste and then recognize the flavors that were in there.

When I took my first bite of this, I was taken aback. And then when the flavors started to flow inside my mouth, I began to identify each and everyone of them. You will be surprised by how those flavors fused together so well to create one extraordinary pot roast recipe.

The best thing about this Italian pot roast recipe is that no flavor dominated the taste. There was balance in here- a quality every pot roast should have. You can taste the harmony between the ingredients, which would make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in eating it.

This is the perfect meal to serve for a family reunion. Everyone will appreciate the homey quality of this dish that would probably remind everyone of their childhood. This is going to be a hit; that’s for sure.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Lemon Bowl.




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