WARNING: If You Find These In Your Home Get To a Doctor IMMEDIATELY!

The Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention has just issued a warning about the latest health scare- the Triatomine bug usually called as the “kissing” bug, which can even kill a human.
Although the bug might seem completely safe and friendly, it isn’t because it transmits the dangerous Trypanosoma cruzi parasite. Once it enters the body, this parasite causes the extremely deadly Chagas disease, which has affected over eight million people on a global level.

Chagas disease can cause severe heart problems and can even have fatal end. The symptoms begin 2 months after the body had contact with the kissing bug. They include headaches, fever, muscle pain, enlarged lymph glands, and hard breathing. As you can see, the symptoms of Chagas disease are similar to those of flu, so it’s hard to recognize the real cause. The symptoms continue with swelling on the eyelids, or skin lesions.

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