Watergate Salad

If you love exquisitely simple recipes that satisfy your sweet tooth, then you will absolutely DEVOUR Watergate Salad! The fluffy goodness of whipped cream, the addictive flavor of pistachio pudding and refreshing bursts of sweetness join to create a truly unforgettable treat. Watergate Salad is a vintage dessert that’s guaranteed to satisfy the toughest critics!

Just one bite of Watergate Salad takes fans back to their childhood. It’s a homey recipe that FEELS like a family tradition, and destined to be cherished for generations to come.

It only takes ONE simple step and five ingredients. You will love the way Watergate Salad tastes, but you’ll love how shockingly easy it is to make even more!

With a perfect balance of light and sweet, Watergate Salad is the dream dessert or side dish for any party. Every sacred spoonful of this delightful, cool treat is pure joy! The fun medley of textures, in addition to the satisfying sweetness, is so delicious you’ll want to lick the bowl clean.

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