White Texas Almond Sheet Cake

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This is a delicious, creamy, moist cake with a nice crunch to it because of the almonds. And let’s not forget that it will feed a nice bunch of people!! ENJOY!

We were getting ready for a surprise birthday party at our house on Saturday. Along with everything that needs to be done to have 40 people at our house, I decided late in the morning that I would bake a cake, just to make sure there were enough desserts available. People were coming at 2:30, it was 11:00 when I got the urge to bake White Texas Sheet Cake. As you’ll see, the cake batter and frosting recipe come together very quickly. Which was exactly why I chose to make it, with very little time before family would be arriving, I needed quick. I didn’t just want quick, I wanted a great recipe as well. It did not disappoint, it was delicious. This is a recipe where you really need to have all the ingredients measured out for the cake batter before you get started. You’ll also want to have a rimmed cookie sheet greased and ready for the cake batter.

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