Would Mama Be Happy, or Not?

I picked up this old chest from a sweet lady that wasn’t in much better shape herself. I met with her in her bedroom because she is disabled, and lives in her bed. With tears in her eyes, she tells me the story of this old chest she’s got as a wedding present from her mama. She says her mama was really poor, and sacrificed this chest so she could give a gift to her only daughter on her wedding day. This was all she had left from her mother, and the sentimental value was priceless to her. I knew I just had to help her keep it out of the dump where it was headed.
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oh my! She’s seen better days!
I love it most when my clients give me free reign to design whatever I want. I thought I’d really surprise her and give this an extra special treatment, with a raised stencil, shown here.I use wall spackling and rub it across the stencil with an old credit card to apply. This old chest was so out of whack, I had to do one drawer at a time.

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