Slow cooker chicken noodle soup was one that I used to detest. Of all soups, this one was the worst in my opinion. One day I tried the one at Panera and once again was disappointed. It felt like a cup of hot water with floating noodles. How is that even filling? Mind you, there was not even one piece of chicken. Blah, how boring. Do not worry, I am not a Panera hater, I just cannot enjoy their soups!

I used to hate my sick days because my grandma would make me down a big bowl of slow cooker chicken noodle soup. She says it would be an instant cure, but I never really believed her. However, fast forward a bit to when I got a bit older and I realized that she was right.

I got sick like never before and cured myself by drinking bit bowls of this. I was desperate, that is what made me. And the recipe I used was this one. It is the perfect amount of soup to chunks in it and has just enough noodles and chicken.

Quick Tip: The longer you let this simmer, the better it gets!

Slow cooker chicken noodle soup is good for the soul. That’s what they say right? It really makes everything so much better. Give this one a try during your next cold… you will be so thankful for this recipe! This one is perfect to nurse someone back to perfect health. After you try this one, you will not go back to any old recipe. My neighbors often make this yummy slow cooker chicken noodle soup when they are ill.

See, even they know this is the perfect addition to a fight off a cold. I guess it is good for cold all around because if you are freezing due to plummeting temperatures, this is another recipe that will get you through the evening nice and warm.



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