You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life And You Don’t Even Know About It

Human beings never stop learning. There is so much knowledge in this world that we learn something new almost every day. While some people correctly learn them, others have to go through tragic accidents to learn them.

Now here is something shocking for you your method of pooping is wrong. Yes, the way you have pooping the wrong way your entire life. And if you don’t rectify it soon, you are going to face severe consequences in the future. Read on to know more.

1 You’ve been pooping the wrong way since the day you were born! Can you even believe it?


A burglar entered a bedroom, tied up the husband and wife, kissed the wife’s ear and went to the bathroom…

The husband said to the wife “satisfy him or he will kill us, be strong. I love u”

Wife said “he didn’t kiss me, he whispered in my ear that he is gay, he needs vaseline and | told him it’s in the bathroom.

So be strong, | love u too……!!!

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