Bathroom Vanity Redesign Using Retique It Chalk Paint and Prima Moulds

Step by Step how to redesign a bathroom vanity using Retique it Chalk Paint and Redesign with Prima Moulds.

bathroom vanity redesign using retique it chalk paint and prima moulds

Step 1: Before Photo of Vanity purchased from Marketplace Prep TimeThis is the vanity I purchased on marketplace, I liked the look of the piece and the granite top but wanted to give it a redesign. To prep this piece I scuff sanded it with 100 grit sand paper then wiped it down with denatured alcohol.

Step 2: I painted on coat of Retique it Chalk Paint in Old LinenAfter prepping this piece I painted the first coat of Retique it Chalk Paint in Old Linen. I painted straight over the hardware since I will be coming back with wax to highlight those areas.

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