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This cheesy, hot crab dip is truly addictive! It’s a super easy, creamy appetizer made with crab, green onions, cream cheese, mayo, and cheese. It’s naturally low carb, keto, and gluten free, and is great for tailgating, holidays, or entertaining.

It’s a creamy hot crab dip. Not “hot” like “spicy”, but “hot” like “warm and gooey and oven-baked”. If you’re looking for a little flavor-heat, though, you can add some Old Bay or cajun seasoning to your crab dip.
It’s SO easy to make. Seriously, just mix and bake. The hardest part of making this dip is not eating it all in one sitting. I won’t judge you if you do, though.

This Chesapeake Bay Crab Dip recipe was passed along to me from a local seafood restaurant and over the years I have added several ingredients. We are lucky to live close to the Chesapeake Bay and there is always fresh lump crab meat in the grocery stores year-round.

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