Vegetable Roastie

vegetable pancake recipe |an easy and simple savoury pancake recipe made with semolina batter with a choice of vegetables in it. it is perhaps one of the simple and instant pancake recipe which is not only served f or breakfast but can also be served as a simple snack. basically, the pancake is loaded with all the required spices and savoury, thus making an ideal self-serving meal, but can also be served with a spicy chutney or simple tomato sauce.

vegetable pancake recipe | veggie pancakes | sooji nutri pancake | rava veggie roastie with step by step photo and video recipe. instant breakfast recipes are always a popular choice among urban dwellers or working couples. but the demand for such recipes have evolved from being just tasty, to healthy and prepared with easily available ingredients in most of the kitchen pantry. there are many such recipes that tick all these categories and one such popular and simple pancake recipe is the rava veggie pancakes or veggie roastie.

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